Kirsten Van Praet October 20, 2017

The World Knowledge Forum in Seoul unites some of the brightest people in the world to discuss how to promote balanced global economic growth and prosperity in Korea. The speakers aim to reduce knowledge gaps through knowledge sharing and include - just to name some:  Hillary Clinton, Former U.S. Secretary of State; François Hollande, President of the French Republic (2012-2017); Ban Ki-moon - Secretary-General of United Nations (2007-2016); and our very own CEO Wilfried Vancraen.

The 18th World Knowledge Forum | Image courtesy of WKF

This year’s World Knowledge Forum focuses on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a term that refers to the “smart factory”, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Technological advancements can deeply change the way we are doing things today. Cyber-physical systems are poised to run factories and make autonomous decisions.

As Forbes describes, “the physical systems become Internet of Things, communicating and cooperating both with each other and with humans in real time via the wireless web.” Although Industry 4.0 has become one of the hottest topics of today, the WK Forum argues that not many individuals, companies and governments are properly preparing to meet the challenges it poses. Their conference seeks to address this issue.

Panel discussion between Hon S. Yi (Tytus3D, Co-Founder and VP), Fried Vancraen (CEO of Materialise), Omer Krieger (Stratasys As

Since Additive Manufacturing has the ability to disrupt conventional manufacturing methods, Fried was invited to share his view on how 3D Printing will change the future. His presentation covered how you can make a value difference with 3D Printing in Industry 4.0.

“3D Printing is not just about printing objects that could be manufactured traditionally, it’s about manufacturing a product that adds value. For instance by producing patient-specific implants, by increasing the comfort and performance of hearing aids and by producing strong and light aerospace parts. 3D Printing can change an entire industry and affect all of our lives,” explains Fried Vancraen.

Presentation about the value difference with 3D Printing in Industry 4.0

“There can’t be 3D Printing in Industry 4.0 without solid controllers and software. For every 3D-printed part in the world, software has been working in the background and as such it is an essential part of the Materialise backbone. I believe that the automation and efficiency that software can bring will have a great impact on the development of Industry 4.0” he adds.

Before attending the World Knowledge Forum, our CEO also visited Ulsan, a city in South Korea that aims to become the 3D printing capital of Korea.

After meeting the local mayor, Mr. Gihyun Kim, Fried met the chancellor of UNIST, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, to discuss what value 3D printing technology can add to his institute.

Wilfried Vancraen meets the mayor of Ulsan, Mr. Gihyun Kim

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