Kirsten Van Praet October 10, 2017

When leaves start falling off the trees in the Northern Hemisphere and Christmas slowly starts to approach, it also means that we are reaching the time of year when the Materialise offices get taken over by an exciting buzz. At this moment, we are preparing the launch of the next version of Materialise Magics software! Our beta program has started and a heterogeneous public of around 100 companies is testing out the new and improved features of Magics22 as we speak.

Screenshot of a honeycomb structure in Materialise Magics22

Screenshot of a honeycomb structure in Materialise Magics22

“When releasing a new software version, it is very important to have an external audience that tests the product in its real application environment. They help us iron out bugs, refine our software and deliver a polished final version. We very much appreciate their input and are excited to soon be launching the next great version of Materialise Magics,”
- Gert Claes, Product Manager of Materialise Magics.

Materialise Magics, the beating heart of our 3D print software suite, is the industry-standard software for 3D printing data preparation. Its development started back in the ’90s when the first 3D printers became available. Today, the software is used intensively by companies small and large. It may be in the planes you take, in the car you drive, or even in the shoes you wear. Magics is always there.

Avio Aero Titanium blades for jet engine turbines

Materialise Magics supported Avio Aero in manufacturing lightweight titanium blades for jet engine turbines

Interested to find out what's new? We gathered all the details on the Magics 22 webpage. Go there to download the What's New presentation, request a software trial or watch some Magics tutorials!