Radhika Dhuru February 4, 2016

Change can be challenging, and adopting an emerging production technique is a big decision to make. When it comes to metal 3D Printing, we’re used to hearing a mix of curiosity, optimism, but also uncertainty in people’s voices – particularly if they’re already used to a traditional manufacturing method. But we know how much you stand to gain from adopting metal printing, and what you need to do to make the most of this game-changing technology. That’s why we’re launching the Metal Tour – a Europe-wide series of 3DP ACADEMY workshops on metal 3D Printing. (For the tour program and the sign-up form, visit the event page!)

We don’t expect your first experience in metal 3D Printing to go quite as badly as this guy’s, but you probably still want some answers before taking the jump and integrating metal printing into your production processes. Whether your questions start with the basic “how does metal 3D printing even work?” or carry on to the more nuanced “which alloy should I print this design in?”, we’ll get around to all of them.

Who would benefit from attending?

This workshop is meant for anyone who would like a deeper insight into Metal 3D Printing, how to use it, and what applications it’s particularly valuable for. Whether you’re an engineer or a designer, the presentations will provide you in-depth information on technologies, materials and applications for Metal 3D Printing. The Materialise 3DP ACADEMY is all about bringing 3D Printing into your world, and to the context of your applications. The workshops will be interactive, and give you an opportunity to discuss your ideas with Materialise experts.

Some common questions on Metal 3D Printing you’ll find answers to at the Metal Tour.
Some of the questions you’ll find answers to at the Metal Tour.

So if you’re looking to broaden your knowledge on Metal 3D Printing, go ahead and grab a free ticket to the Metal Tour.

The Metal Tour starts in March and will pass through 10 European cities over the following months. Check out the program to find the venue nearest to you.