Kirsten Van Praet July 2, 2015

What is the epitome of love? How about designing your partner’s wedding dress?

Steven Ma, founder of XUBERANCE®, the first professional 3D Printing design company in China, designed his fiancée’s dress. His wedding was the first in the world to have 3D Printing as the theme!  However, 3D printing the 2.7-meter-long chain dress wedding veil wasn’t easy.

Because of the complexity of the file, many service bureaus in China feared that it would make their computers crash. Some of them gave it a try without success. The clock was ticking on the project, as Steven also wanted to exhibit the veil at the Milan Design Week 2015. Steven contacted Materialise and discovered the Build Processor, a user-friendly software that processes large files, slices them and communicates the build order to the machine.

With the Build Processor software, the stunning chain dress wedding veil was successfully laser sintered!

Read the full case to find out more details about this gorgeous veil!

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