Radhika Dhuru December 31, 2015

3D-Printed Jaguar Hits the High Seas

The story that won the most cheers by far: when Materialise 3D-printed a cat that is not afraid of water. A grand model of a jaguar went from Materialise’s Factory for 3D Printing straight to the bow of KISMET, a truly bespoke luxury yacht. Standing at a massive 4 meters long and 2 meters tall, this elegant feline was printed on none other than Materialise’s Mammoth stereolithography machine.



Conjoined Twins Can Live Separate Lives Thanks to 3D Printing Technology

Separating conjoined twins is an extremely complicated procedure, to say the very least. Doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital experienced this first hand on February 17th when they separated 10-month-old twins Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata during a 26-hour-long surgery. The doctors had planned this surgery for approximately a year in advance (starting when the girls were still in the womb), and involved an astonishing 13 different specialties to make sure everything would go as smooth as possible.

Image courtesy of Texas Children's Hospital


United Problem Solvers: Materialise Featured in New UPS Commercial

At Materialise, we pride ourselves on delivering solutions: and UPS delivers our solutions to you. What does Materialise have in common with UPS? One thing is that they both have the same problem-solving attitude like in this commercial where UPS asked companies to bring “your sticky notes, sketch books, scribbles” to solve problems.


Material Monday: 3D-Printed Ceramics. What they Are, How they Work, and Recent Innovations

Ceramics have a long and beautiful history in the world of art. From delicate Paleolithic Venus figurines to glossy dinner plates to 3D-printed coffee cups, ceramics have come a long way since 24,000 BC: consumers can mass-produce quality ceramic 3D prints. Given the long history of ceramics as a premium material that is as functional as it is ornamental, and as strong as it is delicate, the very idea of 3D-printed ceramics conjures up frenzied questions about this material’s future: Is it food safe? Durable? Recyclable? Allergy-triggering? Cheap? High detail? Can you store hot liquid in it? This article intends to answer some of the most pressing questions about 3D-printed ceramics, and to mark the innovations in store for this 3D-printed material. Read on!


Materialise’s Metal Heads: 3D Printing with Aluminum

Although the summer was about to start and music festivals were popping up everywhere, we were not talking about those kinds of metal heads. We meant the guys that make sure our aluminum printing service runs smoothly. In the spring, Materialise announced the availability of aluminum for its industrial customers. It was the first metal option in to a portfolio of more than twenty 3D printing polymers. Meanwhile, orders run in and metal printing is on track. Time to have a look at the driving forces behind all this: Koen Tackx and Sven Hermans.


This is 2015 as we saw it at Materialise: watch the highlights of a great year for 3D Printing.

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