Stephanie Benoit December 5, 2016
The Cathedral of Bordeaux and Pagoda designs

The Cathedral of Bordeaux and Pagoda designs

One of the most classic gifts you can give someone has to be a bottle of wine. And almost always, we tend to neglect the wrapping paper or box it comes in. But what if the box could be part of the gift and become a design or art object? Frank Bulens, founder of ARTdiVIN, felt that


“One of mankind’s most cherished creations deserves a work of art to present it. The wine cases that we develop are designed to catch the diner’s eye, while also functioning as a unique design piece for your interior. ”


Frank has been working together with us since the prototyping stage to manufacture his beautiful 3D-printed wine cases – let’s take a closer look.


Cylindrical wine case with 3D-printed bust

Frank is both an artist and a designer, and has already created a range of 3D-printed cases and hand-carved wooden cases for his newly launched business, ARTdiVIN. But before ARTdiVIN was even launched, Frank collaborated with our team of 3D printing experts to develop his concept. 3D Printing is a versatile technology – it provides a rapid, cost-effective solution for creating prototypes, but works equally well for end-use products. Frank chose to extend production with us beyond the prototyping stage because the design freedom afforded by 3D Printing is virtually limitless. His designs showcase this quality with their intricate details and complex structures, using polyamide (nylon powder that is laser sintered together) and alumide (a blend of polyamide and aluminum, resulting in a material stronger than polyamide but lighter than aluminum) to construct them. He also uses different post-processing techniques to create innovative textures for certain designs. Flocking, for instance, creates a velvet-like feel that adds to the luxurious appeal of the box.

One of ARTdiVIN's wooden wine cases

One of ARTdiVIN's wooden wine cases

Frank also really wanted to provide his customers with the opportunity to contribute creatively. ARTdiVIN is open to any design requests – meaning that you can create your very own personalized wine case design! And certain designs can be customized as well – the Cylinder Full Disk case comes with a 3D-printed bust of your choice, so whether you want to immortalize yourself on the gift, the receiver or anyone from your favorite actor to an imaginary creature, the sky is the limit. Frank works together with famous holographer Mark Florquin to 3D scan the person you want to feature on the wine case. In Frank’s words,


“With Materialise, I’ve gotten the opportunity to develop my ideas and create the kind of art that I’ve always wanted to.  The technology really allows me to manufacture designs that wouldn’t be possible to make any other way! And now that ARTdiVIN has been launched, I look forward to continuing the collaborative process.”


Check out ARTdiVIN’s website here, or find out how we can help your business project with 3D Printing on our website!