Charlotte Delaere April 22, 2014

i.materialise’s slot car challenge 2014 winner Brian Hamilton took a selfie with the 3D print of his winning design, the “Arthropoda”.

Brian's winning design, “Arthropoda”.
Brian's winning design, “Arthropoda”.

Brian is inspired by nature for all of his design work, and for the “Arthropoda”, he used sketches by Ernst Haeckel in his “Art Forms in Nature” series, focusing on the morphological attributes. In his own words,

“The design of ‘Arthropoda’ is primarily inspired by the morphology of the earliest known group of extinct arthropods that form the class Trilobita. Although seemingly paradoxical, the concept of merging the physical structure of a prehistoric creature with the bold, aerodynamic styling of a modern-day supercar resulted in a form that appears evocatively symbiotic.”

As the winner of the slot car design contest, he won a free print of his design in polyamide. After receiving the print, he said, “I am extremely happy with the design.  Materialise did such a wonderful job with the print.  It is extremely gratifying to hold a tangible object in my hand to observe that I spent so many hours developing in non-physical space.” Brian has the option to race his car this June at RAPID in Detroit, Michigan, an appropriate place to race since the city is home to the American automotive industry.

While it is too late to participate in the Slot Car design competition, it is not too late to design your own slot car to race at RAPID or other events. Follow the instructions on our website to find out how!

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