Elizabeth Boorman June 27, 2014

What better way to celebrate the opening of the offices of our new founded Footwear company RS Print than with a running competition? After all 500 participants ran 5K or 10K on Sunday, June 22nd, they could take a look at the new RS Print Offices in Beringen, which was opened officially by the town’s mayor Maurice Webers.


Next to the opening of RS Print, also the Runners Service Lab store had its grand opening. This store probably is not what you would expect when you think of a running store.


There are no shoes on the wall that you can look at. Instead, there are several 45m indoor athletics tracks with in the middle several RSscan footscan® pressure measurement plates on the floor. This is an innovative new concept for a running shoe store: instead of going into a store and guessing which sneaker would be the best fit for you’re running style, here you run over the footscan® plate that takes a dynamic scan of your gait. The scan is then analyzed by a skilled footwear technician who selects a shoe that fits you best.


If additional support or adjustments are needed, RS Print’s software can design you your very own customized insoles. These insoles are then 3D Printed at Materialise, and you receive your customized insoles in approximately 2 weeks. Read one of our past blog posts to learn more about the 3D-printed insoles!