Kirsten Van Praet October 28, 2016

Leading international manufacturers with state-of-the-art technologies, first-class service providers and key players in the industry are coming to formnext, the international trade fair for the 3D printing industry. Are you coming too? Then be sure to pass by booth F28 in hall 3.1. Here are five reasons why you should pass by the Materialise booth!


  1. Attend the Presentation of Stefaan Motte, Vice President of our Software Business Unit Playtime is over, take full control of 3D Printing. That’s what Stefaan Motte will discuss during his vivid presentation. The 3D printing industry is reaching maturity and is taking its place as a real alternative for traditional manufacturing. And that means producing serial parts at the same level of quality as the big players of the manufacturing industry. Stefaan will be highlighting how 3D printing companies can navigate this industry transition, and how we’ve been working on new solutions to enable you to successfully take full control of 3D Printing.

    Stefaan Motte, Vice President of the Software Business Unit
    Stefaan Motte, Vice President of the Software Business Unit

  2. Join the Industry Leader Program of Materialise InspectorThe first step in starting up a high-quality production chain is by using 3D printing software that allows you to achieve new standards of efficiency and accountability. Our latest solution, Materialise Inspector, allows you to precisely control the quality of your production by predicting and detecting errors in your builds. Instead of learning by trial and error, your business can achieve standardized production much faster. We want to work together with you to find the best software solutions, which is why we’ve also launched the Materialise Inspector Industry Leader Program. With your feedback, we can keep improving our software to suit your needs.
  3. Discover Materialise Magics21 After our beta validation program, where we worked together with our customers to perfect our software, we are proud to share that we will shortly be launching Materialise Magics21. It’s our most complete software suite to date, providing you with a solution for all your 3D printing requirements. We’ve also made it as open and collaborative as possible, so it can work within any manufacturing ecosystem – and ensure your business can adapt to a changing industry. Talk to our experts to find out how our software suite can benefit you or attend one of the many software demos we offer.
  4. Stay Up to Date about Innovative 3D Printing Applications Our 3D printing software is revolutionizing several industries. Atos designed Titanium inserts for spacecraft, at one third of the original weight. Yuniku by HOYA is the world’s first 3D-tailored eyewear to introduce vision-centric design — and an open digital platform that allows any eyewear brand to do likewise. Toyota was able to create a highly complex and lightweight car seat. Explore the different innovative applications of our partners at our booth.
  5. Network while Tasting Belgian Beer After a long day of attending presentations and talking to industry experts, there’s no better way to relax and network with peers than with a fresh beer! And if that wasn’t convincing enough, it’s Belgian beer – the best in the world. See you soon at our booth!

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