Stephanie Benoit January 24, 2017

One of the cases referred to him was that of a young man who had undergone a seemingly straightforward distal radius wrist fracture. Mr. Phillips performed surgery on the patient to fix the distal radius, but there was a complication: the patient’s lunate fossa began to deteriorate, causing intra-articular damage. This caused the patient significant pain and would need to be rectified with a second surgery.

Due to the complex nature of the case, Mr. Phillips got in touch with Materialise for a 3D approach. CT scans were made of the patient’s healthy wrist, as well as of his fractured wrist. Our clinical engineers segmented the images with Materialise Mimics software and got to work planning the optimal osteotomy cuts on the 3D reconstruction of the patient’s wrists. The next step was designing the patient-specific surgical guides, which would tell the surgeon exactly where to cut. These were then 3D printed and shipped off to the UK!

The operation went smoothly and the patient is already recovering well from the surgery. One week after the operation, Mr. Phillips has already transferred him from wearing a volar slab to a removable splint, provided the patient doesn’t over-exert himself. We wish him a speedy recovery!

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