Stephanie Benoit November 30, 2017

Nick Ervinck is no stranger to 3D Printing. He’s been using the technology to create his fantastical sculptures for years, blending the digital with the traditional. His latest 3D creation is NESURAK, which featured as part of his GNI-RI exhibition at the AXIOM Art & Science Gallery Lab in Tokyo.

NESURAK | Image courtesy of Nick Ervinck

So what went into NESURAK’s creation? The creative process starts in the artist’s head of course, and then Nick uses 3D programs to design the actual sculpture. Although it’s happening on the computer, Nick’s design process is completed entirely by hand, without using algorithms to ‘generate’ a sculpture. Once he finalized the concept for NESURAK, Nick sent it over to Materialise for printing.

NESURAK | Image courtesy of Nick Ervinck

We printed out the individual parts making up the sculpture – amounting to more than 200 pieces in total – with our Laser Sintering machines. The parts were then sent to Nick’s studio, where he performed the finishing touches. The pieces were smoothed, painted and lacquered, and finally assembled.

The final product opposes futuristic, glossy external armor with the mutated, thorny skin of the cyborg underneath. Nick was inspired by the evolution in clothing across the ages: whereas the first humans wore furs to keep warm, we have now developed clothing made of threads. In the future, clothing may evolve even further, allowing us to wear a sort of multifunctional skin which provides extra strength and better protection from harsh weather.

Travelling all the way to Tokyo, Japan, Nick Ervinck presented NESURAK and LAPIRSUB at the AXIOM Art & Science Gallery at their invitation. His GNI-RI exhibition will next appear at Sabam’s Black Wall in Brussels, so be sure to check it out!

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All images courtesy of Nick Ervinck