Kirsten Van Praet January 12, 2016
Geunsik Choi, Lincsolution CEO, at Materialise HQ

Welcome to Europe, Mr. Choi. Can you tell us more about your company, Lincsolution?

Lincsolution was established in 2012 and aims to be a provider of complete solutions for 3D Printing. We develop and sell hardware, provide 3D printing services and educational services about 3D printers. We also strive to get 3D printers adopted in the manufacturing industry. We developed various technologies including 3D Printing with a vision of plug & play in Korea. We have decided that 3D Printing is the best fit for our objective and we drive our business with this technology.

There will be a release of the Link Builder, a software package that will make it easy for users of the Link Pro printer to prepare their files for 3D Printing. Why did you choose to partner with Materialise for the software development?

Materialise is considered the most trendy company in the 3D printing industry as far as I know. When I saw the presentation about Materialise, I realized that this company has been accomplishing and driving projects that really interest me. The Lincsolution team, including myself, looks forward to the development of the Link Builder. We believe that the Builder software will be different from solutions from open-source competitors.

You recently visited the Materialise headquarters in Belgium. Did you see anything that impressed you or could be useful to your 3D printing business?

I got to witness what Materialise does, its magnitude and structured workflow. This magnitude and structured way of working is something we also want to achieve at Lincsolution. I was very impressed to see Streamics manage the manufacturing workflow from data reception to actual production. The software streamlines and manages the AM production process in a very systematic way. We aim to equip our facility in Korea with this production management system and look forward to our future collaboration with Materialise.

Mr. Choi, visiting Materialise HQ in Belgium
Mr. Choi, visiting Materialise HQ in Belgium

You also visited formnext which was held from November 17 to 20 in Frankfurt, Germany. Did you notice a difference between this European conference and exhibitions in Korea or more broadly in Asia?

Compared to shows in Korea, I observed a higher level of participation from high-end 3D printer manufacturers at formnext. There were also many press releases on their newly launched products and most of the exhibitors demonstrated their machines on-site, which was different from exhibitions in Korea. Besides, it was great to see many 3D printing companies at the show.

Materialise was one of the exhibitors at formnext. What was your first impression of our booth?

As an OEM company, I found the AMCP [Additive Manufacturing Control Platform] the most eye-catching solution at the booth. AMCP allows you to take full control over your laser-based machine and it seems that it enables you to save lots of time for R&D and shorten the lead time for a new product launch.

Do you have any other comments on your visit to formnext and our headquarters?

It was great to witness the trend of 3D Printing in seven days. I learned much and gained good ideas from the visit to the Materialise headquarters and formnext. We look forward to continued fruitful collaboration with Materialise in the future.