Stephanie Benoit April 1, 2016

March 17, 2016 marked the first Metal Day held by Materialise in Asia Pacific. Held at Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore, one of the leading institutes driving Additive Manufacturing in Asia, it was a day filled with fascinating presentations and workshops about metal 3D Printing, the hottest topic in the 3D printing industry right now.

Covering everything from the latest trends and applications, to the technical challenges involved in the process and ways to overcome them, our excellent speakers gave a frank and knowledgeable overview of metal 3D Printing. Our audience was equally diverse, and we welcomed participants from all over Asia – including travelers who came from as far as Australia and New Zealand. Every industry was represented: there were academics and representatives from the medical industry, marine industry, aerospace, service bureaus, machine manufacturers and many more. Let’s hear about the event in their words:



Host and speaker David S.K. Wong, Head of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre, Nanyang Polytechnic - Singapore

“It was a great, timely and refreshing seminar, very well organized with an excellent turnout from the industry. I was pleasantly surprised with the diversity of the audience. it augers well for the increasing maturity of our AM community. Very good contributions from the invited speakers from Materialise and the subsequent workshop was also very engaging and informative.It was a timely seminar to reiterate the vast possibilities of Metal AM and the reality that this is reshaping the future of manufacturing, increasingly but surely. We also need to be reminded that the design for AM optimization will overtake the industrialization of metal AM.”

Guest speaker Trent Mainwaring, Senior Design Engineer at Zenith Tecnica - Auckland, New Zealand

“I thoroughly enjoyed representing Zenith Tecnica at another Materialise event. Collaborating with the Materialise team is always rewarding. Their world-class events are a brilliant networking method and help us to promote metal AM - in particular, Arcam AB's Electron Beam Melting (EBM) technology. As an EBMAM Service Bureau, good networking avenues are imperative to our success.

The good spread of speakers at this event fulfilled the needs of: industry, research institutes, and distributors. I was particularly impressed with Mr. Alex Liu's (UCT AM Center) truthful presentation of what the metal AM process entails. It was refreshing to hear about the good AND the bad. Another well-organized event by Materialise Malaysia. Be sure not to miss their next event!”

Mr. Young Cheol Kim, Research Professor at 3D Convergence Technology Center, Kyungpook National University – Daegu, South Korea

“It was a great opportunity to be able to visit Nanyang Polytechnic, which is one of few places in Asia where metal Additive Manufacturing is happening. Since Singapore is a city country, and has the merit of being located in the middle of Asia, it can drive research on metal AM. In this context, Singapore has a competitive advantage compared to the industry in Korea, where the domestic supply for manufacturing and exports to the overseas market is a priority. If we could take these factors into account and foster metal AM, we could create some great work.

Kristina Florell, Manager at Surgien Pty Ltd. – Melbourne, Australia

“It was encouraging to learn about the practical applications in diverse areas that are already in production in many places, and the effort that Materialise is putting in for the development of software packages that cater for a standardized production management.”The day ended with a tour of the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Center (AMIC) at Nanyang Polytechnic, where participants were able to take a look at the actual printers and the way they were powered by Materialise Streamics. In all, visitors came away from the event feeling inspired and motivated to implement metal 3D Printing in their own businesses. Many of the participants were eager to learn and utilize metal AM for the manufacturing of optimized designs, including lightweight structures and topology optimization.


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