Elizabeth Boorman March 14, 2014

How can you use the tools of modern advocacy to challenge convention to make things better? Antti Junkkari, a 23 year-old neurosurgery student from Finland, began with this question and ended with a proposal on how to help fight small arms violence in Africa.

His project “Raising Awareness on Small Arms through Radio Programs” won Mazda’s “Make Things Better” competition, which invited young people from around the world to promote a cause that improves the lives of local people. To commemorate the award, Mazda collaborated with our engineering specialists to create a 3D printed trophy to go along with the €10,000 seed funding to get his project up and running. With Mazda Motor Europe President & CEO Jeff Guyton awarding the trophy at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, both sides worked intensively to make sure that the award would be ready for the March 5th presentation.

Challenge Convention to Make Things Better

Working with a one month deadline was only possible thanks to collaborative partnership between Mazda and Materialise. After selecting Mazda’s design for the top part of the trophy, which is based on the award winning KODO design for Mazda automobiles, the Mazda design team worked with Dries Vandecruys from our engineering team to design the base and select a material to use.

The two teams decided on using a combination of vero white and vero clear for the material and Materialise 3D printed the trophy on a polyjet Objet machine. This gave the award a truly unique aesthetic, and with Inge Ickx and the production team working intensively to meet this tight deadline, the trophy was ready in time for Mazda to present this exceptional piece to Antti.

Materialise Production Operator Inge Ickx and Design Engineer Dries Vandecruys
Materialise Production Operator Inge Ickx and Design Engineer Dries Vandecruys


A congratulations goes out to Mazda for their competition to “Make Things Better” and we are happy to support our customers, especially when they are in line with our mission to make the world a better and healthier place.