Kirsten Van Praet March 7, 2016
3D Printing is an innovative technology, but it can still use some further tweaking and innovation to continue evolving and developing exciting products. The Nanyang Polytechnic, one of the five institutes of technology in Singapore, has taken on the mission of promoting and stimulating the widespread adoption of 3D Printing. Their innovation center has been transforming the 3D printing landscape in Asia for 15 years now, and the Materialise software team is glad to support their production process with our automation and control software!  
An employee of AMIC at work | Courtesy of NYP
Staff preparing data for an EOS machine | Courtesy of NYP
The Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC) is part of Singapore’s Nanyang Polytechnic and has two main goals. It teaches students how to work with 3D printers and gives them the hands-on experience and know-how they need in the business world. Next, it introduces 3D printing technology to the industries around them to stimulate the adoption rate and give them access to new production techniques. To show these industries how they can manage the complete 3D printing ecosystem, Nanyang Polytechnic partnered with Materialise and implemented our automation and control system Streamics into their AMIC. How do you efficiently manage an Additive Manufacturing – the term for 3D Printing used in the industry – production process? Orders are coming in, it is vital to keep track of which platforms need to be prepared, and to keep an oversight on which machines are in use. Therefore, good communication within the team is essential to have an overview of your production process. The AMIC uses Streamics to teach industries how they can control the Additive Manufacturing production process and streamline their business. No need to lose your head! In what promises to be an exceptional event, anyone interested in learning more about Additive Manufacturing can visit the AMIC during the Polytech Metal Days on March 17. Visitors will be able to explore the AMIC in Singapore and discover everything they ever wanted to know about metal 3D Printing in particular – the latest and most exciting development in the world of Additive Manufacturing yet. Want to find out how Materialise and NYP work together? Read the case study! More information: The Nanyang Polytechnic Streamics