Kirsten Van Praet June 26, 2017

BASF is the ultimate reference for plastic material production in Germany, as well as worldwide. Everything you see, from your shoes to your car, probably contains some of their polymers. The chemical giant has been around for more than a century and today the company is looking at the opportunities that 3D Printing offers.

Mr. Volker Hammes, Managing Director of BASF New Business Gmbh, was present at the Materialise World Summit where we took the opportunity to ask him a few questions. Why is BASF investing heavily in 3D printing technology, what are the drivers of the shift from prototyping to series manufacturing, what’s their opinion on open platforms and how can the 3D printing industry grow even more? Discover the answers in the video below.


“Functional integration and time-to-market are very important and unique selling propositions of AM and they gain importance in an ever faster, moving world.” – Volker Hammes, BASF.

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