Kirsten Van Praet September 4, 2015
Astronomy aficionados know that the diameter and mount are important features of a telescope, but what about its appearance? Have you always dreamed about a personalized design for your telescope? Maybe a pink telescope with a flower texture or a green one with a colourful gradient sharkskin texture? Rejoice, for the era of 3D Printing is also the era of customization! Textured sharkskin telescope by Materialise and Stratasys

A Different Outlook: Designing Textured Telescopes in 3D Software

3D Printing presents a wide array of options beyond the standard gray or black telescope. Those looking to stand out with their newest acquisition can go for a 3D-printed telescope with different textures and colors. More recently, Materialise’s design enhancement software 3-maticSTL and Stratasys’ Objet printers were employed to devise a demo part whose components are worth considering.
Screenshot in data preparation software Magics - textured design
Screenshot in data preparation software Magics
In this case, Stratasys wanted a multi-textured telescope demo part in white, gray, black and yellow. 3-maticSTL was first used to create three textures: sharkskin, leather and polygon. You don’t want the end-result to look repetitive or too uniform: that’s why we applied Boolean operations between several STL files, each containing a different texture, to generate a varied look-and-feel. Then the telescope file was uploaded to Magics, our data preparation software. Magics has a nifty function for adding labels, which you can use for aesthetic or practical benefits, and we used it here to place Materialise and Stratasys labels on the object. Et voilà – after a quick fix for errors, the file was prepared for 3D Printing!

Read the full case study here to find out how the whole design process went –