Sarah Verhaeghe October 13, 2014

On this Material Monday we want to focus on Multicolor, a wonderful 3D printing material that offers users the possibility to print in full color. Models made out of multicolor are constructed from a fine granular powder giving the surface a sandy, granular look.


How does Multicolor work? The printer builds the model from bottom to top, layer by layer. A roller puts a thin layer of powder on a platform and a print head places tiny drops of glue at specific locations, printing a thin layer of your model. The platform lowers and the roller spreads another layer of powder. Coloring is done by combining four different pre-colored glues to match the color requested. After the printing process the model is brittle, but is strengthened by putting it into superglue. A UV coating is sprayed on it to prevent de-coloration by sunlight. Learn more about this 3D printing material.



A great aspect of this technique is that it allows a lot of freedom in design. In fact i.materialise, our consumer department, has created a number of attractive models such as architectural scale models, figures, and awards.

Be inspired by seeing and reading what has already been realized with Multicolor in the i.materialise blog. We believe you’ll be blown away by what this material can do.

Multicolor is multi-functional. Designers love its versatility and use it for a number of different purposes. Curious? Discover more at:


The latest and greatest news is that this material is now available in a glossy finish. New since a couple of weeks, this means users can create a smoother, more polished look and feel with enhanced colors. See the clear difference in finishing for yourself, and learn more at:


It’s no surprise that 3D designers look to the animal kingdom for inspiration. In the premiere iteration of 3D Design Delights, we take a look at five designs inspired by animals… See more at:


Dutch 3D printing artist Eric Van Straaten can’t get enough of this material. So much so he’s created the world’s largest full color 3D printed sculpture. Check it out and see his other incredible creations here: