Stephanie Benoit January 25, 2017

It’s important to feel supported and encouraged in a work environment, which is why Materialise tries to organize diverse employee development programs. One such program which has been very popular and successful over the years has been the MADE program; an initiative from our Malaysian office which stands for “Materialise Autonomy Development and Expansion”.


How MADE works

This program first started in 2012. Promising employees are selected by our local management team in Materialise Malaysia, and then undergo a six-week training program where they are supported by a coach, their People Manager and Business Unit Director or Manager in building and defending a business case. This can be anything – as long as it is in some way connected to the business of Materialise and is beneficial to the company. So not only do our employees get a chance to develop their skills; the company benefits from the myriad of innovative ideas buzzing around the minds of our staff! Then, once the selected employees have built up a business case, they need to present it to a jury made up of higher-level management. It’s a three-day process, and day one is when each employee outlines the general concept of their idea, and what they ideally want to achieve. On day two, the concrete business case is outlined, with more information on the practical solutions to achieving the dream outlined on day one. On the last day, these business plans are backed up by explanations of research and data and feedback is given by the jury. Finally the best propositions are put into action.








What our employees get out of it

We’ve gotten some great ideas over the years – the Materialise Malaysia Hackathon was actually born during a MADE program! From developing new market opportunities to new employee programs, MADE gets participants out of their comfort zone and pushes them to think critically and explore new skills. And this year, it was even expanded to include one of our other Asian offices, Materialise China. 3-matic Functional Analyst Teck Fatt Yap describes why he found the experience so valuable: “Thanks to Materialise's open office culture, I was able to talk to many colleagues from different offices and departments, picking their brains and eventually formulating the results and proposal for the final presentation. It was my colleagues’ willingness to share knowledge and experience that surprised me, and that is one of the most important things that makes Materialise special. I have learnt to think critically from both technical and business points of view, and have sharpened my presentation skills - which I had not used for years. Thank you Materialise for believing in me and giving me this opportunity!” Software Marketing Strategist Hae Jung Yang adds,


“What I liked most about this program was to push myself to the limit by working on an unfamiliar subject, which eventually contributed to Materialise. It was a fun and memorable experience.”


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