Radhika Dhuru March 1, 2014

Materialise is proud to announce the official launch of new heat-resistant material for 3D printing: UltemTM 9085 Black. With its advanced long-term heat and flame resistance, UltemTM 9085 Black provides a new option in durable Fusion Deposition Modeling materials to industries such as automotive and aerospace manufacturing where parts need to withstand prolonged heat exposure.

A major challenge of engineering parts manufacturing is the ability to develop pieces that are able to withstand long-term exposure to elevated temperatures with low ignition risk. To fill this need, Materialise offers manufacturing applications using UltemTM 9085, a pioneering thermoplastic for with physical and mechanical properties that allow it to remain strong and stable under extreme operating conditions.


Now available in tan and black, UltemTM 9085 features include:

  • UL 94-V0 certified
  • Glass transition temperature of 186°C
  • High LOI (limiting oxygen index), making it exceptionally difficult to ignite
  • Limited smoke production
  • Low-toxicity combustion products
  • Flexural strength of 115 mPa


To compare the material’s properties against ABS and PC under these tough conditions, watch the video: