Kirsten Van Praet July 7, 2015
FELIXprinters recently bundled their printers with Materialise’s Builder software, leading to the FELIX Builder. Here’s the ideal occasion to take an inside look at FELIXprinters! We took the opportunity to ask Guillaume Feliksdal, Director of FELIXprinters, some questions to discover the spirit of the company.
Guillaume Feliksdal, Director of FELIXprinters
Guillaume Feliksdal, Director of FELIXprinters
 What’s the foundation story behind FELIXprinters? Guillaume Feliksdal and his father Wilgo started FELIXprinters in 2011 with the idea to make 3D Printing easier and improve the quality of 3D prints. To produce low-cost prototype parts for a humanoid walking robot, Guillaume decided to buy a 3D printer do-it-yourself kit. After assembling and using the 3D printer, he immediately noticed there was a lot of room for improvement. Intrigued by the 3D Printing technology, Guillaume decided to develop his own 3D printer to be able to produce the robot parts more accurately than was possible at the time. Today, FELIX printers are constantly adjusted and improved, based on customer and in-house production feedback. What are the three main strengths of FELIX printers? Comparing ourselves to competitors, we notice three main differentiators that make our products unique: Upgradability – We make it possible for users to easily upgrade their printers to the latest technology. The modular design of FELIX printers allows for easy installation of upgrades. Versatility – We want to offer our customers options, so they can adapt their printers to their needs and benefit from maximum design freedom. Our printers are able to print with a large selection of filaments, approximately 11 different materials. Service – An essential part of our business is communicating with and listening to our customers. It really pays off to be available when a customer needs technical support and to involve the community when developing new technologies. It’s great having such an active community and it is absolutely essential in the development of future upgrades and new technologies. felix2What added value does the FELIX Builder bring to your machine? The FELIX Builder is a reliable and effective software tool to create any print on a FELIX printer. It is a smart program that improves the quality of the 3D printed object and the support material generation is the best in its class. It also leads to a better overall user experience. The user-friendly software enables customers to start printing faster and with less effort, saving both time and money. The software slicing engine is very accurate, fast and generates a reliable output. Another big plus is the ability to create stable dual extrusion prints.
FELIX Builder 3.0 with dual head nozzle
FELIX 3.0 with dual head nozzle
How is your experience of working with Materialise? We are glad we made the decision to begin a partnership with Materialise. Quick and clear communication during the development process helped us to make essential decisions. The professional attitude of the Materialise team, and their involvement in understanding the needs of FELIXprinters, helped to create a product that definitely matches our expectations. What was the coolest part you ever printed for yourself? Actually, this might be the small technical parts that we use for our own prototyping! The joy and ease of printing a design and testing it the very same day – it makes the process of going from an idea to an actual useable part so much faster. Do you notice an evolution in how people perceive 3D Printing? Yes, definitely. We notice that more and more often people understand the functional purpose of 3D Printing. 3D printers went from being a machine that can print your gadgets, to a machine that can completely change your way of doing business! A growing number of professionals are interested in using 3D Printing for business purposes. Most of our professional customers use 3D printers for prototyping or small productions, ranging from parts that will be used in transportation vehicles to small and highly detailed tools for laboratories. What is the next occasion for people to meet FELIX and learn more about the FELIX Builder? On a regular basis we organize workshops for people who want to build their own FELIX and want to learn the ins and outs of 3D Printing. It is a two-day workshop at our office in Utrecht and so far we’ve received a lot of positive feedback! We can also be found at many exhibitions and people are always welcome to visit us at our office in Utrecht. Visit the FELIX Builder webpage Watch the FELIXprinters YouTube video: