Kirsten Van Praet December 22, 2017

Simulation plays a very important role in traditional manufacturing, and its benefits for 3D printing technologies are also manifold – leading to an increased interest from the 3D printing industry. Simulated 3D models can help predict distortion and residual stresses, and lead to the production of parts that are printed correctly the first time. Companies that just start printing metal parts quickly realize how crucial it is to gain experience and learn how to print functional parts. It’s a steep learning curve, one which can be made less challenging through simulation. Simulation moves the testing process from the machine to the computer, making the printing process more reliable and less expensive.

Materialise offers simulation software to ensure that we can offer our customers the highest value of 3D Printing. At formnext, we proudly announced a partnership with Simufact, a respected German company with decades of experience in the development of simulation software for both conventional and Additive Manufacturing. The formnext show was an ideal opportunity to get our partner’s view on the future of Additive Manufacturing. In an interview with our Vice President of Software, Stefaan Motte, Dr. Hendrik Schafstall explains the value simulation can bring to Metal 3D Printing, what it means to have simulation integrated within Materialise Magics and what the future of simulation looks like.

Watch it here!

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