Maggie Lau December 4, 2017

Materialise has always been actively researching and learning what it takes to sustain peak performance and a healthy, happy workforce; which not only promises higher productivity, less turnover, and a more resilient work culture - it upholds our mission statement of contributing to a better and healthier world as well!

The management and HR team from Materialise Malaysia

This November, Materialise Malaysia decided to make health and wellbeing at the workplace the priority of everyone. First, employees were invited to participate in a survey. Secondly, the HR director from headquarters and the local management and HR team came together to participate in a two-day one-night retreat, which resulted in an engaging and fruitful exercise for everyone involved.

The program started off with a presentation of the Materialise vision and how it might connect to the focus topic of the retreat. With a clear objective in mind, the managers started to brainstorm and build a prototype of their ideal future stage with sustained peak performance and workforce happiness.

For a better tomorrow
Caffeinated world
Happy performers achieve together

It was then followed by self-reflection and personal experience sharing. The group got to hear personal stories about being part of a high-performing team from their peers and Kamala Radhakrishnan, Farawahida Ghazali and Erwan Siddiq Asyraf Ahmad Hariri were nominated as the people with the most inspiring stories they presented to the whole group. We ended the day, not only with a better grasp of the key elements that would nurture and supply this ideal work dynamic, but also with a great deal of fun during the karaoke session!

The reality check was the next important exercise performed by the group, involving an extensive discussion. This was followed by a few brainstorms and prioritization exercises, and the program ended with a tangible course of action. Each business unit and manager defined their commitment statement for their own leadership development, as well as defining an action list. We believe it is just the beginning of a high performing and happier Materialise Malaysia!

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