Peter Verschueren June 3, 2016

During a recent business visit to India, I had the honor of representing Materialise during a Flanders Investment and Trade mission in Bangalore, one of the top technology cities in India, supported by my Malaysian colleagues Vick and Arpan.

During the morning of the visit, I presented in a session about innovation in Flanders, and how the internal structures of Materialise are supporting innovation in 3D Medical Printing around the world. In the afternoon, Materialise organized a VIP event for C-level attendees of Indian companies and hospitals. Belgian Minister-President of Flanders, Geert Bourgeois, opened the event by addressing how Materialise is spurring high-tech medical innovation in India.


3D Printing in India
Belgian Minister-President of Flanders, Geert Bourgeois, opened the event.


This was followed by three lectures held by a leading Indian university, hospital and medical device company on their usage of 3D Printing in their research, patient treatment and medical device design. First, a representative of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore talked about their fundamental 3D Printing research, which is at a high international level. Next, Dr. Kappanayil Mahesh from the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre Kochi elaborated on his first two clinical cases and successful experiences with the use of 3D-printed cardiovascular models for their complex case planning. Dr. Mahesh and the AIMS are paving the way for the rest of India with their innovation and pioneering spirit. Lastly, Mr. Ketan Jajal from implant manufacturer Stryker shared his experiences on the use of 3D Printing for standard implant manufacturing. They expect 3D Printing in the medical sector to grow exponentially, not just for custom but also for standard devices.


medical 3D Printing in India - 3D-printed heart models


It was a well-attended event, including high-level speakers who indicated a bright future for Medical 3D Printing ahead in collaboration with Materialise and Indian healthcare professionals.

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