Stephanie Benoit March 6, 2017

What do you do when a customer asks you to build a metal 3D printer from scratch? German company Frydryszik Manufacturing + Technical Services (FMTS) is specialized in providing manufacturing and technical services for all sorts of companies, but they had never worked with 3D Printing before. A Chinese client tasked them with creating a metal 3D printer for their production facilities, which left them with the challenge of getting a machine up and running – fast.

The finished metal 3D printer
The finished metal 3D printer


At Materialise we don’t build 3D printers, but we do have plenty of expertise in making them run smoothly, as well as making them compatible with other computers. FMTS approached us for some expert guidance in setting up a 3D printing production line, and we were able to provide them with our complete software solution, the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite, as well as our consulting services.

Out of all the programs on offer in the 3D Print Suite, the Materialise Control Platform ended up being a key component for FMTS.  As an embedded, software-driven solution hardware solution, it was the perfect solution to take full control of the 3D printer that FMTS developed. The control platform examines and analyzes the 3D printing process, allowing the customer to tweak it according to their requirements and build their own IP, or build upon Materialise know-how. Added to that, the Materialise Build Processor allowed FMTS to slice their 3D printable files into more manageable sizes, and then communicate those perfectly to the printer.


“Materialise gave us an insight into the world of additive production. The platform is an excellent tool for AM production, since many different parameters can be accessed here. This helped us to proceed properly in the beginning and since we can store all data, all parameters can be tracked later,” says Heiko Frydryszik, founder of FMTS.


“We can model, modify and test the most diverse designs in test runs before they go into real production. All in all, we find that the platform and all the Materialise services related to the platform are an excellent help for a great start”.


The heart and brains of the metal 3D printer
The heart and brains of the metal 3D printer
The first metal print to come out of the printer
The first metal print

Four months later, FMTS’s metal 3D printer was up and running! “We enjoyed a good cooperation with Materialise and experienced the software to be the best in the market. It is the heart and brain of our machine,” explains Frydryszik. “The support that Materialise provided was absolutely excellent and enabled us to get really fast results in our development project.”

Want more details on our collaboration with FMTS? Check out our case study, or visit our OEM page if you’re interested in using our services for your own business.