Kirsten Van Praet August 30, 2017

In our blog post about the metal seminar in India, we already explained that the country is making moves to bring forth Metal AM experts. Recently, we brought our Metal AM Academy to India and Singapore to further educate local metal users on the Metal AM process. The transfer of knowledge allowed the participants to use their machines better and grow their expertise.

Metal AM Academy at ARTC in Singapore

Metal AM Academy at ARTC in Singapore

Materialise’s Metal AM Academy is a training session focused on the Metal Additive Manufacturing process, with a particular focus on Laser Melting technology. On day one, the participants learned about the different aspects and challenges of the technology, machine components, powder properties and requirements, and finally design guidelines for Metal AM. Day two focused on more practical information and included topics such as: positioning and orienting metal parts (read our blog posts on advice for the best part orientation), support generation requirements (discover 5 easy ways to remove support removal), melt pool generation and influencers, part quality and post-processing.

Metal AM Academy in Bangalore, India

Metal AM Academy in Bangalore, India

“The trainer of Materialise’s Metal AM Academy is very experienced and the course was well-structured. The AM design and stress reduction techniques taught in the course are highly useful and are being applied in my work involving the fabrication of metal AM parts.”

 Mr. Choong Yue Hao, Development Engineer,
Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC).


“What I liked about the Metal AM Academy is that the course is easy to understand and you quickly learn much. The explanation about how to orientate and position parts was very interesting.”

 Mr. Amit Saxena, Mechanical Engineer, R&D and Design, G Sugiwear Ltd.


For more information about useful applications of Metal AM, you can download our free application guide.

Materialise has decades of experience in providing all-round 3D printing software and services. Are you interested in broadening your Metal AM knowledge? Join us at our Metal AM Academy in Korea in September or contact us about the availability of our Metal AM Academy in your region.

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