Stephanie Benoit July 28, 2016

B2RUN is an initiative started in Germany – their aim is to get employees out of their desk chairs and into their running shoes! Sitting is the new smoking, and people working at desk jobs have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, getting diabetes or becoming obese; in short, it is a good idea to move around as much as possible during the day.

B2RUN is present in 12 German cities, and companies can participate in a 6km race as a way of encouraging their employees to stay fit and healthy. Many companies do the race as a teambuilding exercise, to promote a healthy workplace, or just for fun! Our Materialise Germany office joined in the B2RUN race in Munich just a few weeks ago.

Around 6pm, the Materialise Germany team headed towards the Olympic Stadium in Munich. There was a total of some 30,000 runners who showed up for the event, but our team was clearly visible in their bright blue Materialise shirts! The shirts referenced the company’s values with their “Running for a better and healthier world” slogans proudly displayed across the chest, a fitting message for their motives to join the B2RUN race.

And the B2RUN begins!

Despite the ever-present fear of rainclouds, the race started in high spirits. The runners were spared from bad weather, apart from a minor shower at one point which helped to cool down some of the redder participants. Although the winner of the race was a man from Arvato Systems at just 19 minutes, we are proud to say that one of our Account Managers, Jürgen Schmidt, finished at 26 minutes!

So although our Materialise Germany office seems to be in pretty good shape already, they remain motivated to keep their office fit and healthy. And the added bonus of finishing B2RUN? Besides having the satisfaction of completing the race and defying personal goals and expectations, there was a massive party at the stadium to top it all off in style. Prost!

Materialise Germany at the B2RUN
Materialise Germany at the B2RUN

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