Stephanie Benoit April 22, 2016

At Materialise, innovation has always been one of the strongest foundations of our company culture. We like to encourage the growth and input of our employees, because we know that a company is only as great as its people. The Innovation Prize is a bonus given to an employee who has implemented a particularly novel or creative way of doing things in their company or line of business. In order to encourage companies to reward their most innovative employees, the Belgian government grants certain privileges to companies who wish to give this Innovation Bonus. We saw it as a great way to stimulate healthy competition within the company, and you guessed it: innovation. This year was a little bit different, as we have been implementing this bonus in Materialise for ten years now! The Belgian Government wanted to reward our dedication with a little more ceremony, and we were more than happy to go pick up our very own Innovation award in person.


Kris Peeters, Minister of Economy and Ben Geebelen, IP Officer at Materialise
Kris Peeters, Minister of Economy and Ben Geebelen, IP Officer at Materialise


Our IP officer Ben Geebelen took along his junior consultant, Ben Schepers, for his first experience in the glamorous world of governmental gala balls. Kris Peeters, former prime minister of Flanders and current Minister of Economy, was the illustrious awards master and Ben Geebelen had the honor of receiving the award from the minister himself!


“It’s a real honor to receive this reward,” Ben told us. “Being one of only 28 companies that have consistently rewarded their employees for their creativity and initiative shows how important innovation is for Materialise.”


And we couldn’t agree more. Here’s to many more years of innovating the 3D printing industry and driving creativity within Materialise!