Stephanie Benoit July 14, 2016
Team Ostfreezer with the Akkuracer

Team Ostfreezer turned to Materialise for help with their 3D-printed components. Using Materialise Magics and Materialise 3-matic, we helped design the body of the team’s Akkuracer, incorporating complex patterns and an organic flow to the design that would not have been possible to create with traditional manufacturing methods. Finally, it was printed out using Laser Sintering, and delivered to Germany!

On the racetrack

The day of the race the eleven competing teams assembled at the race track in Hildesheim. Each team was given their electric screwdriver only one minute before the start of the race – so it was also essential that the design allowed the easy incorporation of what was essentially its motor. And attaching the screwdriver was only the first obstacle – for a few teams, even getting past the first turns was challenging enough! Team MOPET crashed spectacularly in their first race, but luckily the driver was unharmed. Despite their rocky start, team MOPET won the audience prize in the end, and our very own team Ostfreezer, although they didn’t win any prizes, still made the quarter finals.

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