Elizabeth Boorman May 27, 2014
3D Printing metal has so many possible applications that it is difficult to keep up with the growing field. I’ve previously written a blog entry about titanium medical implants, but other applications include components for the automotive and aerospace industries, designer goods, and the list goes on… The application list continues to grow just as the research and resources to print metal also grows. This was discussed last Friday, May 23rd at an Additive Manufacturing Summit at the 1933 building in Shanghai hosted by Materialise China.
From left to right: Gert Claes (Product Manager: Magics, Materialise HQ), Koen Van de Perre (Sales Manager, Materilaise China) and Kim Francois (Managing Director, Materialise China) are talking to Professor Huang Weidong, one of the keynote speakers.
After Materialise’s Koen Van de Perre introduced the event, Professor Huang Weidong discussed his research on laser 3D Printing for high performance metal components. Professor Huang showed how he made groundbreaking research on linking the technology with the applications. For example, he showed several demos of aerospace applications in 3D Printing.
Kim Francois (Managing Director, Materialise China) and Wanhu Yang (Project Engineer: Software, Materialise China) in conversation with one of the keynote speakers, Professor Huang Weidong.
Next Dr. Shujun Li gave a presentation about electron beam melting for titanium parts. The use of electron beams is quite new for 3D Printing metal, as most of the printing is done by using laser beams. His research looks at applications of electron beam melting, such as how to print porous structures and surface modification technology which is particularly useful for biomedical applications: the more porous and lightweight the implant is, the more comfortable it is and the better it adapts to the patient’s body. In addition, the audience learned about Materialise’s software Magics, which offers solution for metal applications, and managing the entire workflow, from designing to printing. Materialise’s Magics brand manager Gert Claes introduced the software solution and inspired the audience with future developments. “The Wonderful World of 3D Printing—Powered by Materialise”
Guests learning about the 3D Printing service centers in our headquarters.
The audience also went on a tour around the exhibition called “The Wonderful World of 3D Printing—Powered by Materialise”, also at the 1933 building. This exhibition answers the questions, “What is 3D Printing? How did it begin and where is it going?” by discovering the way Materialise has driven the evolution of 3D Printing. This interactive exhibition shows the way 3D Printing has reached more people and regions over the last 20 years, influencing what is now referred to as the Industrial Revolution 2.0, through advancements in software, manufacturing, and engineering.
Guests could also see a diorama that explains how to use Streamics, the software for AM automation and control system.
Come and discover the endless possibilities of 3D Printing and how Materialise, with its neutral software platform, is the partner you can count on for every step of your AM process or 3D printing activities. Visit The Wonderful World of 3D Printing at 1933 Shanghai from March 14, 2014 – August 31, 2014. To learn more about Materialise in China, check out the Materialise China website!