Radhika Dhuru March 1, 2016
As a dynamic company in a fast-paced sector, moving forward with the times is the Materialise way of life. For the last 25 years, that attitude has driven countless meaningful innovations and helped us touch lives around the world, in the process becoming the backbone of the 3D printing industry. Today, we’re proud and excited to announce that we’ve chosen a new logo to give our visual identity a contemporary upgrade. Join us as we step into the future of Materialise, with an all-new look!

The Evolution of a Laser Beam

If you’re familiar with Materialise’s previous logo, you’ll probably find that the new logo bears a subtle resemblance. Our long-standing logo was designed to evoke a laser beam striking the surface of a bed of liquid resin: the starting point of 3D printing in stereolithography, the first printing technology at Materialise. It symbolized the 3D printing process and the spark of innovation that we always strive for in all our work. The straight lines and clear blue of the logo also embodied the straightforward approach that characterizes our people, who have built Materialise into the backbone that the 3D printing world relies on. These aspects remain close to our hearts, and remain the central theme of our new logo: the spark of innovation, updated to a 21st century aesthetic.

In evolving a logo which we had known and loved for so long, we carefully considered the elements of the design which form a deep and rooted part of Materialise’s identity. These elements still come through in the new logo today, and their subtle evolution from the classic to a contemporary aesthetic is clear in these sketches as we brainstormed towards our current design. In our new visual style, you find the characteristic Materialise blue now enhanced with a gradient from light to dark for a more dynamic feel. A new, softly rounded typeface for the Materialise wordmark balances the crisp angles of the symbol design. All throughout the new design, the clean, horizontal line continues to symbolize the backbone that Materialise offers for the 3D printing industry — with a steadfast commitment to innovation, quality and reliability. Our brand enhancement is more than just a logo makeover — it is a reflection of our company’s renewed commitment to being a strategic partner to our clients. We are excited to continue to provide innovative solutions to help our customers’ projects succeed. In the coming months we will launch even more new products and services, with the goal of always serving our clients’ needs.

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