Automate Your AM Process Steps

As your business grows, the amount of repetitive administrative work also typically increases and errors can occur more frequently. Automation of some of the processes can help manage and improve overall business efficiency and reduce the risk of human error. For some extensions of your business that function 24/7 such as e-commerce, automation will be required in order to provide instant action on a service. 

We can assist you in automating your process steps on a variety of levels.

Automate Workflows in the Background

  • Analyze CAD parts or prepare CAD parts for building using Materialise Robot
  • Calculate part prices or send quotations by email automatically using integrated add-ons to the Materialise Streamics control modules.

Automate Specific Part and Platform Operations

  • Efficiently and quickly nest parts on the Laser Sintering build platform using the Materialise Magics Sinter Module

  • Automatically generate optimal support for your Stereolithography builds using Materialise e-Stage 
  • Slice and store your platform directly on your 3D printer with a single click, and monitor and log printing parameters using the different Materialise Build Processors