Materialise Design for AM

Experience a workshop tailored to your existing knowledge, experience, and needs of design for 3D printing. Get tips and tricks from an experienced design engineer on creating clever designs and utilizing them in real cases.


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Who Should Attend

Designers or engineers working on or investigating 3D printing applications with little to no experience in designing for these technologies.



Learning Goals

> Experience 3D printing methodology and workflows and apply to your own part concepts

> Receive feedback from designers and engineers on your own designs



Price for 1- 2- or 3-Day Course

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Max. 2 participants per company

Course Topics

Workshops are customized with the following topics based on an assessment of experience and needs of the group. Each topic is available in both basic and advanced levels.


Part selection – Understand how to identify parts that can benefit from AM and which criteria to consider when doing so


Drivers – Learn which values drive your AM projects and how to identify and analyze them, supplemented with case studies


Cases – Analyze different AM cases from various industries to gain insight and inspiration


Technology overview framework – Discover AM technologies and materials, their pros and cons, and their suitable fields. Evaluate and compare various AM production processes


Overcoming limitations with smart design – Find out which aspects to consider during the design phase and how to turn them into advantages. Discover new design possibilities with AM, like integrated functionality and lattice structures


Technology-specific course design – Expect each topic to be customized to the technologies you’ll use most and their limitations and advantages

"After the re-engineering work, we managed to bring the assembly time down by about 25%. We saw around a 20% reduction on the cost of parts, and more if you factor in the time saved on assembly."

- Ben Callicott, Primo Toys

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