November 5, 2020 | Mimics Innovation Course | English

Webinar on Mimics Segmentation

Medical image data serves as a powerful information base for doctors, engineers, and researchers who are looking for solutions to improve medical care. The Mimics Innovation Suite was developed with the goal to process medical image data as easily and efficiently as possible. 

In this virtual Mimics Segmentation Course, you will learn about the functionalities of our Mimics Innovation Suite and gain firsthand experiences in the segmentation of bony structures and soft tissue. You will also gain insight on how you can benefit from the versatile tools.     

Mimics Innovation Course

Intended Audience

This training was designed for engineers from medical technology companies and hospitals, for scientists from universities, and for doctors from hospitals with a focus on 3D technology.


Learning goals 

  • Simple and accurate segmentation of CT and MRT data of bony structures and soft tissue 

  • Application of advanced tools for artifacts and low-quality images 

  • Outlook on intelligent algorithms with regard to musculature, cardiology, and pulmonology 


Practical info

  • Mimics Innovation Course - Digital event
  • 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM CET
  • Language: English



  • Free



  • Introduction to Mimics
  • Vertebra segmentation from CT data 
  • Skull segmentation with artifacts
  • Brain segmentation based on MRT data 
  • Heart segmentation from CT data (DORV case) 
  • Outlook into automatic segmentation tools for muscles, heart and pulmonary 

Trainers information

Robin Verheyen
Medical Application Specialist at Materialise Medical



Robin Verheyen is a Medical Application Specialist at Materialise Medical, focusing on the Mimics Innovation Suite in academic, commercial, and clinical sectors. His background in bio-engineering, his passion for medical 3D printing, and over 3 years of experience as an Application Specialist in the field of medical 3D applications allow him to support biomedical engineers, healthcare professionals, and medical researchers in their journey as Engineering on Anatomy enthusiasts.

Arsham Khayatpoor
Medical Application Engineer at Materialise Medical



Arsham Khayatpoor is a Medical Application Engineer for the UK and Ireland regions, specialising in academia and clinical markets. He has been with Materialise for 1.5 years and is involved in both pre-sales technical diagnoses and post sales technical support. He has a master’s degree from the University of Sheffield in Bio-engineering, where his passion for technology and biology started.

Marnic Jacobs
Medical Application Specialist at Materialise Medical



Marnic Jacobs is a Medical Application Specialist and functional team leader of Anatomical Data Mining services at Materialise Medical. He has a biomedical engineering degree, over 6 years of experience at Materialise and is specialized in supporting medical device companies in optimizing their workflow with regard to medical 3D applications.

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“Researching scoliosis with the spine in an upright position is extremely challenging. The spine has many vertebrae and between each are very complex joints. Achieving very precise segmentation was only possible with the Mimics Innovation Suite, as the software was able to recognize the contours of the CT slices.”
- Dr. Saša Ćuković, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biomechanics, ETH Zurich