Mimics Innovation Suite
Getting Started

Download your License Starter Kit and learn how to set up the Mimics Innovation Suite software. Do you have a question or did you run into a technical issue? Maybe our FAQ section can be of help. Please contact us if your question isn’t in the list.

Mimics Innovation Suite Getting Started

Frequently asked questions

  • Getting started
  • How can I download the latest version of my licensed Materialise Software product?

    All downloads can be found on https://passwords.materialise.com/

    For detailed instructions, please read the article.

  • How do I install my Materialise software product?

    We recommend that you close all other applications before installing your Materialise software product. You must have administrative access to install the software.

    1. Upon receipt of the installation file, you can start the installation wizard by double-clicking on the file
    2. Follow the instructions that appear during the installation. This will include specifying the installation path, accepting the EULA and other questions regarding the installation. We recommend keeping the default settings, unless specified otherwise
  • How can I register my software?

    In order to register and activate your software, you will need to install it first. Upon completion of the installation, the registration wizard will open. Depending on the type of license that you have or want, you will need to select one of the 'evaluation', 'license' or 'floating license server' options.

    • Evaluation: Select this option if you want to evaluate the software and you do not have a license (voucher) or key file yet
    • License: Select this option to activate your software if you have a license (CCKey or voucher) or a key file already
    • Floating License Server: Select this option only if you have purchased and obtained a floating license
    • Show license and system information: Select this option if you want to see your System ID, a previously entered CCKey or the overview of your currently activated licenses

  • (Re)activating a software without a key file (recommended)

    To activate your software without a key file, you need an internet connection and a valid license (CCKey or voucher). After installing and running the software, the registration wizard will open.

    1. In the registration wizard box, select the "License" option. Then click “Next”

    1. Select “Instant Activation”. Then click “Next”

    1. Enter the CCKey/voucher code that you received by e-mail (or in the DVD sleeve of your Materialise software). Multiple CCKeys (for the same System ID) can be added. Once the data entry box is filled in, click “Next”

    1. Please wait until the registration is complete, and then click "Finish" to start using your software

  • (Re)activating a software with a key file

    To activate your software with a key file, you must have the key file already. Save the key file you have received (.matkey) in a local folder on your computer or on an external storage device. After installing and running the software, the registration wizard will open.

    1. In the registration wizard box, select the "License" option. Then click “Next”

    1. Select “I want to register a License key file I received via e-mail”. Then click “Next”

    1. After clicking "Browse", select the key file that you saved locally on your computer or externally. Then click “Next”

    1. You will receive a message that you have successfully registered the key file. Click "Finish" to start using your software

  • How can I reactivate my software in case of emergency?

    Every software license that is under maintenance comes with the possibility of obtaining an emergency key file. This measure exists in case your software deactivates by accident and the normal reactivation process does not work. This key file reactivates your software for six days, which allows you to continue your work in case of emergency, while our support team will help you to reactivate your software.

    Please note that you can only obtain a limited amount of emergency key files, depending on your maintenance package, so it should only be used in an emergency.

  • How long will my software remain activated?

    In standard cases, your software will remain active for 6 months, after which you will be required to reactivate your license. Your software will display a warning in case your license is about to expire. In certain cases, the duration of the license might be less long:

    1. If your license payment is still due, the initial activation will be for 6 weeks only
    2. If your license (e.g in case of an annual or evaluation license) is valid for less than 6 months, the activation will be for the remaining period only

    You can consult the expiration dates on the password website after logging in with your CCKey or voucher code.

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How to get started with Mimics


How to get started with Mimics

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Our Electronic Instructions For Use (eIFUs) are accessible to users of our medical device software in the European Union, Australia and Japan.

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