Materialise Deep Dive into Professional 3D Printing Seminar

Looking for a comprehensive overview of professional 3D printing? Join the Materialise team to discover practical and economical insights of 3D printing from leaders in the industry in just one day.


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Who Should Attend

Professionals who are new to 3D printing and looking for a comprehensive overview of the technology and its business potential.



Learning Goals

> Shorten the time it takes to obtain a foundational understanding of 3D printing technologies, business applications, workflows, and settings



Price for up to a 1-Day Course

Contact our team for pricing based on your needs.

Max. 2 participants per company

Course Topics

Workshops are customized with the following topics based on an assessment of experience and needs of the group.


Introduction to 3D printing – Receive an overview of common 3D printing technologies and materials


Design – Dive into design possibilities with 3D printing


Cases – Explore and discuss various uses of Additive Manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing ecosystem – Understand the process of AM from design to engineering to manufacturing


Digital process – Discover the use of software with 3D printing


Tour – Take a look at an efficient 3D printing factory

"The Masterclass is very helpful for people looking to learn about Metal 3D Printing from A to Z. I am sure what I’ve learned here will consistently help me in my daily work."

- Seo K Min Hwang, Winfosys

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