Build Strategy

Bridging the Gap between Model and Machine

Converting your digital AM design into a physical part requires a translation to a layer-by-layer representation that can be interpreted and built by the machine. This translation – or build strategy – directly affects the behavior of the machine (e.g. build speed, material consumption) and the properties of the physical parts (e.g. strength, weight).

The Build Processor


The Materialise Build Processor (BP) offers a dedicated solution to control and develops an optimal build strategy for your machine and materials.

  • Easily define, configure and assign different build strategies to your platform and parts
  • Parameters for slicing, hatching and machine-specific process control
  • Large, customizable library of slicing and hatching algorithms for a range of AM technologies and file formats
  • Fully integrated with other Materialise software allowing flexible part assignment (with Materialise Magics) and complete traceability (with Materialise Streamics)

Machine Control Software

As a final step, our Machine Control Software solution can be added to your AM process chain, giving you complete control over the interpretation of your build strategies on your machine.