Every patient is unique. And every surgery needs a unique approach. From visualizing the human anatomy in 3D to holding a 3D-printed model of your own heart, we’re getting closer to providing patient-specific care for everyone. Let’s build a healthier world together.

Biomedical Engineering and Research Medical 3D Printing

Biomedical Engineering and Research

Medical device companies and academic researchers can benefit from the Mimics Innovation Suite, which empowers new innovations in biomedical research and helps researchers make discoveries that save lives. Take patient-specific healthcare to new heights by working closely with our experts in the planning and execution of complicated surgical procedures.



Your complete toolbox for Engineering on Anatomy, from medical imaging data to anatomical model

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Medical 3D Printing

For hospitals and surgical staff, we provide the Materialise Mimics Care Suite, which facilitates improved patient outcomes through software for surgical planning and medical 3D Printing. Our clinical engineers develop patient-specific guides together with the surgeon, which eliminate error as much as possible in the OR. In addition, we offer patient-specific implants that enable you to treat complex cases, and give you the possibility to visualize your patient’s anatomy with one of our 3D-printed models.

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