Products and Services for Medical Professionals


When medical images and Additive Manufacturing are combined, patient-specific healthcare is able to reach new heights. Discover our FDA compliant state-of-the-art solutions and see how they can help you take your own work to the next level.

Are you an Orthopaedic surgeon looking to tackle more complex cases?

Work with a personal engineer at Materialise to reduce the uncertainty involved with complex reconstructive bone procedures. Your engineer will help you discover the benefits of virtual surgical plans, patient-specific cut and drill guides, and physical models of your patient’s anatomy.

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Are you a CMF surgeon or an anaplastologist interested in taking your work to the next level?

Working closely with your clinical engineer at Materialise, you will have access to virtual surgical planning, patient-specific cut and drill guides, and anatomical models to aid you with even your most complicated procedures, For anaplastologists, the CMF team is also on hand to help you make the most of Additive Manufacturing and get the best results possible for your patients.

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Do you want to turn your patient’s virtual 3D anatomy into tangible 3D models?

Let us turn your MRI/CT data into 3D models of your patients’ anatomy using Mimics, a market-leading medical image software solution from Materialise. Patient-specific 3D models help you gain better insights into specific pathology, facilitates medical diagnosis, improves communication with colleagues and patients, and more. Also, for those in the field of cardiology, be sure to discover Materialise’s specialized HeartPrint service.

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