Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the process of making objects from 3D model data by joining materials layer by layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing methodologies, such as traditional machining.

The term Additive Manufacturing includes a wide range of technologies, such as:  laser sintering, FDM, stereolithography, and many more. These technologies are used in a wide range of industries from the automotive, consumer electronics, and consumables sectors as well as being used for medical applications and by individual consumers. For many companies and individuals, as they try to engineer better products, they are turning to AM for the benefits it offers over traditional techniques.

AM has been one of Materialise’s core competencies since the company was started in 1990.  In addition to producing objects using AM, Materialise has also developed a number of AM-related software programs, including Magics, 3-matic, Streamics, and e-Stage.  These programs can ensure that anyone using AM can get the most from this revolutionary technology.

From the very beginning, Materialise has been focused on using AM in the creation of a better and healthier world.

Synonyms: 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Additive Fabrication, Additive Processes, Additive Techniques, Additive Layer Manufacturing, Layer Manufacturing, and Freeform Fabrication.