Benefit from an Entire Platform

Work with the most complete solution to manage your 3D printing operations thanks to a full integration of Materialise Streamics with Materialise Magics, the Materialise Build Processor and Materialise Robot

Modules review

Materialise Streamics base modules include:

  • A pre-configured database
    • Securely manage the communication and processes involved in transforming a digital part into a printed part: quotation, order, part, platform, build, machine, subcontract
    • Manage the individual parts of your backlog: quantities, due dates, technology, part revisions, job status
    • Efficiently manage the workflows to select and prepare parts and platforms and to schedule builds on the available machines: interactive machine planning view
    • Manage the operation of the machines: job file, machine status, build quality, powder batch
    • Manage the workflows required to check the part quality and to finish the part according to its specifications: support removal, sanding, inspection, painting and more
  • Data preparation functionalities of Materialise Magics through a two-way integration: buildability analysis, advanced editing, (automatic) orienting and (automatic) supporting of parts for all 3D printing technologies
  • Automatic part analysis and visualization of part files entered in the system through integration with Materialise Robot
  • Customizable reporting services, to create user/customer specific production reports and KPI’s
  • API to connect directly with business systems like ERP systems or web applications

Additional optional plug-ins include:

  • Streamlined request submission
    • Dedicated web portal
    • Automatic email notification to inform stakeholders about the status of requests
  • Software automation
    • Automatic CAD to STL conversion and part repair through Materialise Robot integration
    • Automatic calculation of costs involved in 3D printing parts according to a specified formula
  • Machine integration:
    • Automatic job file creation - with specified machine parameters - with or without part labeling/serialization, through the Materialise Build Processor integration
    • Automatic monitoring and retrieval of machine log files - for specific machine types - through the Materialise Build Processor integration