Product Information

Process Automation Steps

Materialise Streamics offers automated functionality, reducing the manual effort required and the risk of human errors that may occur during specific process steps. It automates platform preparation steps such as fixing, nesting and support generation, but also tasks such as the calculation of production costs, notifications and the slice-based serial numbering of parts.


Central Data Storage and Analysis

View all of the data generated during the process and gain in-depth knowledge about each stage of the process. Links are generated between different data sets, so making changes even late in the production cycle is easy and straightforward. Create both standard and custom production and KPI reports.


Workflow Management and Integration

In AM production, parts from various orders are built together with specific machine parameters, resulting in complex workflows and scheduling challenges. Materialise Streamics enables straightforward and controlled process workflow execution. Make informed decisions regarding cost, quality and lead-times early on. With the API, AM production is not isolated anymore but aligned with other parts of your business.


Optimal Build Preparation and Scheduling

A digital board with a graphical overview of all the builds that are planned and executed on different machines gives you a clear insight into potential bottlenecks, available build space and machine capacity. Multiple requests can easily and optimally be prepared and planned.


Efficient AM Machine Communication

Materialise Streamics directly interacts with different AM machine technologies and types, reducing the risk of human errors when preparing and transferring machine data. It allows you to follow up on the machine status without the need to be next to the machine or to be remotely connected to it. The manual collection and control of machine parameters and extensive logging of machine data is no longer necessary.