Manage and Streamline Your AM Activities

Do you want to efficiently manage, integrate or grow prototyping with 3D printing technology in your business? Or do you want to do research and validate the production of tooling, series and custom parts using Additive Manufacturing (AM)? That means you need a software backbone such as Materialise Streamics that enables you to efficiently communicate about and store AM process data, manage AM workflows and automate AM process steps. 

Why Choose Materialise Streamics

Efficiently Manage Your AM Activities

Easily share or report on key AM production data: design, customer, machine and material data. Manage your AM manufacturing activities from early research to process validation and production management.


Scale Your AM Activities with Confidence

Keep an overview of your AM workflow and grow your production with any AM machine type and technology.

Automate time-consuming administrative tasks or process steps and connect AM production with other business software or portals.

Benefit from an Entire Platform

Work with a complete solution for your AM production.

Materialise Streamics is integrated with Materialise Magics, the Materialise Build Processor and other solutions from our extensive software suite.

Set Up AM with Repeatable Quality

Rely on effective machine monitoring, quality-control measures and slice-based operations to consistently keep your products within specifications.



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"As we ramp up to production on the LEAP fuel nozzle, Materialise Streamics will be our production control software for Additive Manufacturing. It will be an invaluable tool to help us save time and eliminate manual processes."

Greg Morris, Additive Technology Leader, GE Aviation