Materialise Magics21

Take full control of your data preparation

Control your 3D printing process and part quality even better with the latest version of Materialise Magics. It has improved repair and marking functions and finding the ideal position for your part has never been so easy. In addition, Materialise Magics21 is the ideal data preparation software to create support structures for metal applications.

Materialise Magics21

  • Is equipped with an intuitive, highly customizable interface
  • Allows more control over part quality with local repair operations
  • Sets the standard for repairing textured and colored files
  • Raises the bar for labeling and part tracking
  • Offers more guidance to obtain optimal part orientation
  • Supports quality control with in-depth measurements and reports


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Additional Module Upgrades

Several modules have also been upgraded as part of this new release.

In addition, Materialise Magics is compatible with Materialise Streamics, making it easier for you to select parts or duplicate the required amount of parts.

Take your data preparation flow to the next level and enjoy the power of Materialise Magics21!


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