Your Production and R&D Solution to Ensure Quality

Assuring the quality of the production process is essential to any manufacturing business. When applying 3D Printing, it becomes even more essential. During the building process, material and part properties are formed, leading to the need to control and monitor the production process closely.

The first step in starting up a high-quality production chain is to start using 3D printing software that allows you to achieve new standards of efficiency and accountability. To ensure that the printed part corresponds to your design, you can rely on Materialise Inspector.

Why Choose Materialise Inspector

Go for repeatable quality

Go for Repeatable Quality

Increase confidence in the quality of your printed parts by analyzing data from all stages of the production process.

Predict production errors

Predict Production Errors

Predict and detect production errors with less effort.


Increase your efficiency

Increase Your Efficiency

Save time and material with a root cause analysis of failed builds.

Facilitate R&D

Facilitate R&D

Experiment with print styles and other research parameters.

Rely on an Entire Platform

Materialise Magics is the core component of the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite, an extensive software portfolio that enables you to manage every step of the AM workflow.

Discover the Materialise Magics Suite

Preview the Build Process Strategy

Use the Materialise Build Processor and the Material Development Module to create different scanning and hatching strategies. Review these with Materialise Inspector.

Inspect the Build Process Strategy

Inspect the quality of your production by predicting errors in your builds. Instead of learning by trial and error, your business can achieve an optimized production much faster.

Perform a Post-Build Analysis

Obtain valuable insights on build quality after the machine has finished, based on images taken during the build with the Materialise Control Platform, for example. This way you can improve and guarantee the quality of your printed parts efficiently.

Join Our Industry Leader Program

We want to work together with you to find the best software solutions, which is why we’ve also launched the Materialise Inspector Industry Leader Program. With your feedback, we can keep improving our software to suit your business. Contact us if you're interested in joining the program.

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