What's New in Materialise 3‑matic 12

Design and build better parts with Materialise 3-matic 12, part of the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite. This new version has a collection of new functions all aimed at creating design that endures.

You will have new tools to analyze, redesign and optimize lightweight structures along with improved functions to fix and redesign incomplete geometries. On top of that, you can rely on a highly efficient Remesh toolbar and improved algorithm for reverse engineering to CAD file formats.

Materialise 3-matic 12

Discover all new features and updates in the what's new presentation.

Materialise 3-matic 12 – What's new 

New key features and improvements:

Strong link to analysis tools

  • Import and export lattice structures to FEA
  • Adapt the beam thickness of lattice structures in 3D, based on FEA

Profound AM buildability checks

  • Check overhangs for triangles and graphs to highlight problematic areas
  • Advanced filtering out of beams to promote buildability of the structures during the AM process


Enhanced design operations

  • Calculate the pore size of lattice structures
  • Modify your lattice structure locally by marking and freely moving separate regions
  • Convert a triangle mesh to parametric files (.step, .igs) with improved patching algorithms


Fully controllable mesh quality

  • Obtain an optimal mesh quality with advanced and new Remesh algorithms
  • Benefit from an improved, user-friendly workflow, with specific expert and novice mode


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    “Materialise 3-matic contains more elaborate smoothing and repair functions than other software packages. The surface processing and creation of volume meshes give this package an advantage above the competition”
    Max van de Kolk, Student TUDelft

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    New key features and improvements aimed at creating design that endures

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