The Complete Software Suite for Professional 3D Printing

The Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite is the software backbone for all businesses and industries that need professional 3D Printing. Whether you need support or automation in your 3D printing process, the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite offers a wide range of software suited to your business and industry. 

Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite

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Create the best designs for 3D Printing

Prepare your files for 3D Printing

Get the most out of your 3D printing machine

Manage your AM production process

Materialise 3-matic, Design Optimization

Your software for textures, structures and post-topology optimization

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Materialise Magics, Data Preparation

Your software for data preparation

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Materialise Magics Reporting, Quotes and Measurements

Your software for quotes and measurements

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Materialise MiniMagics, Free File Viewer

Your free STL viewer

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Materialise e-Stage, Automatic Support Generation

Your software for automatic support generation

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Materialise Build Processor, Machine Communication

Your software for machine communication

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Materialise Control Platform, Machine Control and Steering

Your software-driven, embedded hardware solution for machine control

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Your software for process and quality control

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Materialise Streamics, Production Management

Your software system for managing 3D printing activities

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Materialise Robot, Workflow Automation

Your software for automating your workflow

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Materialise Cloud, Workflow Automation

Your software in the cloud for automating your workflow

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Latest Developments in the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite

Wheel Knuckle e-Stage for Metal Titanium support structures

Materialise e-Stage for Metal

Fully automatic support generation, now also available for aluminum, stainless steel and titanium parts!


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Materialise Inspection Software Screenshot

Process and quality software

Analyze big data and increase your process knowledge using Materialise Inspector.


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Materialise 3-matic 12.0 Software Design to Endure

Design to endure

Create even better lightweight structures with the latest version of Materialise 3-matic.


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