Turn scans into accurate 3D models - efficiently

No two patients are the same, scan quality varies, new scan modalities arise, and so do their file formats. Yet, if the end goal is quality patient care, you want to ensure that your 3D model accurately represents the patient’s anatomy, and you want it fast and easy.

Materialise has been working alongside leading researchers and engineers for more than 25 year to solve their challenges within Mimics.

The result is the most advanced segmentation toolbox for patient specific-device design or medical image-based research and development. From intuitive manual tools to fully automated knee or heart segmentation algorithms, when you want to go from DICOM to 3D model, Mimics is your ally.

Use Materialise Mimics to:

Applications that are customized to specific challenges


Medical Image Segmentation


Anatomical Analysis


Virtual Surgery

Benchtop Model

Benchtop Model Design


Patient-Specific Device Design


Post-Operative Analysis

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