Go from scan
to 3D model – easily and accurately.

Take the guesswork out of customized treatment. With Materialise Mimics inPrint, easily create files for 3D Printing by transforming image data into accurate virtual 3D models. Develop a deeper insight into patient-specific anatomy to help simulate, evaluate and communicate treatment options.

Pre-defined workflows simplify the entire process. Mimics inPrint comes with a powerful interface that allows you to locate and import patient images directly on the hospital PACS. Workflows for orthopedic, cardiovascular, oncology and CMF applications bring faster results. DICOM compatibility ensures easy connections with all modern imaging systems.

Creating a 3D-printed heart model for patient-specific planning: DORV

Creating a 3D model of a hip fracture for patient-specific planning

Creating a 3D model of a calcaneus fracture for patient-specific planning

Use Mimics inPrint to:

Segment images in seconds

Semi-automated tools, for example in heart segmentation or fractured bones, get you results in just a few clicks.

Include your imaging expertise

Refine your segmentation with intuitive 2D and 3D tools that show the results in real time.

Trust what you print

The virtual models are as accurate as the quality of approved STL generation and validated software.

Add treatment objectives

Create anatomical models that support patient-specific treatment, however complex.


Pulmonary atresia

Improve clinical outcome

Increase confidence, decrease stress

3D-printed hand with connectors

Enhance team and patient communication

Avoid outlier issues

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