Build better implants from the person up.

For implants that perfectly fit a patient’s anatomy, what could be more logical than using their anatomical shape as a starting point?

With Materialise 3-matic you maintain as much detail as possible when you conduct thorough 3D analyses, design an implant or surgical guide, create a benchtop model or prepare your mesh for finite element modeling.

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Unlike traditional CAD packages, you work directly on the triangulated surfaces, so you retain the all-important details and complexity from start to finish.

And to ensure patient safety, Materialise 3-matic is cleared for prosthesis and medical device design.

To ensure you get the best possible finished implant,
Materialise 3-matic lets you:

Anatomical Analysis

Print a 3D model directly using the STL files (no need to convert from CAD)

Anatomical Analysis

Reverse engineer and continue in a CAD package

Anatomical Analysis

Smoothly export to a wide range of the most popular FEA solvers

Use Materialise 3-matic to:

Perform 3D anatomical measurements

Import any CAD file

Design patient-specific implants, surgical guides or benchtop models

Prepare anatomical meshes for finite element simulations

Export to all major FEA/CFD packages in the right format

Reverse engineer from STL to IGES

Are you looking to segment faster, automate anatomical analysis planning, design and meshing workflow, all within a single software package? Discover the new MIS 20.

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Watch these video tutorials to learn how you can easily optimize your FEA mesh or design a patient-specific cranial plate or benchtop model in Materialise 3-matic design software:

How to mesh a 3D model

How to make non-manifold assemblies

How to generate a complex, non-manifold assembly

How to design a patient-specific cranial plate

How to create a customized cardiovascular benchtop model

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